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Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my website! I'm Ken from Tokyo, now living in downtown Toronto.

I'm a friendly, laid back, passionate, and down-to-earth. I'm a dreamer and a GENUINE guy.


I've been a professional massage therapist for 8 years (both therapeutic and sensual). I used to own a massage salon in Tokyo for 5 years. Since I did all of my education in Japan, I am not RMT, but I am confident that I give better massage than your RMT tho ;-)

Sexually, I'm well-hung and a great kisser. I'm into most things, from mild to wild. I'm totally open-minded and adventurous. Role-play, uniforms, sports gear, dom/sub, light bdsm... you name it :-)

Great company + you may enjoy a full boyfriend experience too :) Or, I can be a fun travel companion!!

I'm very much looking forward to meeting you!!


Basic Profile

Age :  28
Height :  5'10"
Weights :  170lbs
Body Hair :  Smooth
Facial Hair :  None
Hair Color :  Black
Eye Color :  Brown
Piercings :  Ears
Smoking  :  Never (420 friendly)
Drugs :  No (but you can)
Race :  Japanese
Language :  Japanese / English

Sexual Profile

Sexual Orientation  :  Gay / Bi
Dick Size :  7.5" long & 6.5" around
Foreskin :  Uncut
Sexual Position :  Versatile
HIV/STD Status :  Negative, STDs free
Tested On :  April 23th. 2019


I can meet you at almost anytime and last minute booking is possible if I'm available. BUT, please try to make an appointment ahead of time for a guaranteed booking.



Contact Info

Phone Number

Email Address   hotbijp@gmail.com


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