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For those who are interested in travel companionship, here are the countries that I can proudly say I can be the tour guide in.

I was born and raised in Japan, so I would never turn down the offer to go back to my beautiful and wonderful home country! If you do go to Japan I'll be the best tour guide, interpreter, and company! If you want to truly enjoy Japan, let me help you!
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If you are going to Japan on your own, and want me to help you plan trips, I can help you with that too.


♦♦ I do not have any plans or specific dates, but if you'd like to Japan sometime soon, We cal always work something out :-)

If you are interested, previous offer below is the general idea of how it's going to go. Anyone interested??

【 Thailand 】
I have visited Bangkok and other cities in Thailand more than 6 times. It's a great place for a budget trip too! The beach is amazing, shopping in the night bazaar, riding an elephant, and the food.... mmm~
Unfortunately, I cannot be an interpreter, BUT, I know enough to guide you with confidence :-)

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【 Other Countries I have visited: 】
- Singapore
- Indonesia
- Cambodia
- Hong Kong
- China: Beijing, Shanghai
- The Bahamas
- Mexico: Mexico city and Cancuns
- UK: London
- France: Paris

- Netherland: Amsterdam

[ Places I visited in the USA: ]
- NYC: 15 times
- San Francisco: 5 times
- Seattle: 3 times

- DC: 5 times

- Hawaii: 3 times

- LA
- Las Vegas

- Portland
- Nebraska
- Kentucky

【 On my wish-list 】
If you have time, and the budget, but haven't decided where to go, here are the place "I" personally want to visit. (This is just an idea)

- Cruise: I've never been on one (neither the straight nor the gay one), but hear all about it from friends...

- Stay in a water bungalow: The bungalows that are build on top of the water. Famous ones are in Maldives or Sebu island in the Philippines

- Orlando, Florida: I want to do the Disney World/Universal Studio intensive trip!! (No one should give up their inner childhood... :P)

- Caribbean: So far, I've only been to The Bahamas. I want to see more of it!

- South America: I've never been anywhere south of Mexico.

- Europe: I want to go everywhere! Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway...

- Australia

- Even within Canada, I want to visit PEI / Halifax and eat tons of seafood, Also Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver...

These are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have any ideas, I'm probably up for it!!
Looking forward to hearing your ideas!!


BTW, I'm a huge seafood fan, so if you want to go anywhere that has good seafood, then I'm already on board! :P

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**Please know that this is not a current offer**



!!!A special limited time proposition!!!


My school is going to be over in the spring and I'd love to go back to Japan and see my family and friends.

However, I have no money to go home for it. If anyone is looking to travel to Japan in XXX - XXX, I can arrange some great deals for this. Usually, [Travel Companion], you will pay for the flights, hotels, meals, entertainment... PLUS compensation to me which is like $500 a day or a set price for a certain amount of time...

But, since "I" want to be there and you are kind of doing a favor by taking me back there, I can reduce that compensation part by a lot! How about $100 /per day. Obviously, I will stay longer than you and visit my family / friends, so you will only be paying me the time when we are together.

And since I'm born and raised in Japan, I know Japan/Tokyo inside out. So of course I will plan the trip, book the hotels, be the tour guide, and interpreter too!
I was a massage therapist in Tokyo for 6 years, I used to go to all the 5 star hotels almost everyday.  So I know all the good hotels, great restaurants in Tokyo that only the local people know (That are not in the travel guide books!) :D
Also, I know Kyoto very well too! (The famous golden temple is here, among many other beautiful temples/shrines!)

If you haven't been to Japan, this will be a great opportunity for you to truly enjoy!!
I don't think it's a bad deal! is it?? :-)


- The time frame I'm thinking of -

1 month: XXX - XXX (dates are flexible)

*I will be there for a month, so you can pick the time that works for you, anytime while I'm there. Of course I'll go to the airport to pick you up, and take you there again at the end of the trip as well.



NOTE: For those potential clients that I have not yet meet, but interested in this (especially for the one who don't live in Toronto).

Since you don't know me, I know this might be a big gamble, and kind of a lot of money to spend on someone who you've never met. We can definitely Skype or video chat first, get to know me, and be familiar / comfortable with me, to help your decision.


Basically, everything is negotiable in this proposition. If you are even slightly interested, let's talk!!

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